Accounting - Bookkeeping - CFO Questions


Do you just do bookkeeping?

Of course not!  We do much, much more than just count beans!  We can dive deep into the weeds or look at the entire landscape from high up in the clouds.  Whether your needs call for a bookkeeper and number cruncher or a CFO driven strategic plan, we can help.  We can manage your accounts receivables, payables, payroll, perform bank reconciliations, analytical reviews, create financial dashboards, and produce financial statements.  We can set up your accounting records using Quickbooks or other software solutions.  We can even develop compensation models unique to your staff and business.  View us as part of your accounting department.


How often do I use you?

That depends on you!  Our goal is to make your life easier. We can process financial information daily, weekly, or monthly. We can work onsite at your office or offsite from our office.  We can help you with strategy development with periodic virtual CFO services.  We can use Quickbooks or other accounting software.  We do like to meet with you at least quarterly to review financial statements and make sure you continue to be on a successful financial path.  Remember, the LESS time you spend counting beans, the MORE time you spend counting profits.


Profits shmofits! What about nonprofits?

Ok, we do love profits better than beans...  But, we know that many of you would rather turn profits into beans and feed the hungry.  We work with many local nonprofit organizations.  NPOs have unique accounting requirements and need to be good stewards of donor funds. Regardless if the donation is coming from a large foundation or from one of our generous neighbors down the street, the donor wants to be assured that their dollar goes to enhance the health and welfare of the nonprofit clients they serve and the mission they embrace. 

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